Actor Seeks to Have Civil Case Seeking Costs for Investigating his Alleged Assault Dismissed

In many states, a person can face criminal and civil penalties if he or she falsely accuses another person of a crime. One high profile example of the consequences you may face if you are suspected of making false accusations is the recent case involving an actor who alleged he was a victim of a hate crime earlier this year in Chicago. While the actor was cleared of all criminal charges arising out of the incident, he now faces civil liability for the purported costs of investigating the crime. Currently, the actor is attempting to have the civil claims dismissed, arguing that they are unfounded. If you live in Texas and are charged with making a false police report you should consult a knowledgeable Texas criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to discuss your case.

Criminal and Civil Allegations Against The Actor

Reportedly, in January of 2019, the actor reported to Chicago police that he was attacked outside of his apartment by men making racist and homophobic comments. The incident was initially treated as a hate crime, with numerous political and entertainment figures speaking out against the crime. Shortly after the alleged crime was reported, however, the two men who were named as people of interest in the crime by the Chicago police alleged that the actor  hired them to stage the attack.

The police then ceased investigating any crime against the actor to turn the investigation on the actor himself. While it seemed that the actor may be convicted for filing a false police report, the case against him was dropped and the file was sealed. The actor was ordered to pay the City of Chicago for the costs of investigating the crime by April 4th but failed to do so. Subsequently, the City of Chicago filed a civil lawsuit against the actor seeking the costs associated with investigating the attack, as well as penalties for making a false report.

Specifically, the City alleges the actor violated the municipal code by making false statements, and that the City is entitled to renumeration under the cost recovery ordinance of the municipal code. In response, the actor filed a motion to dismiss the City’s claims against him, arguing that the municipal code only allows for the City to recover costs and impose penalties from a person who has violated the law. The actor pointed to the factual insufficiency of the City’s complaint, and the fact that he had not been charged with a crime, in support of his position.

Speak with a Trusted Attorney Regarding Your Charges

If you are convicted of filing a false police report in Texas you can face fines, imprisonment, and you may face civil liability as well. If you are charged with filing a false police report it is in your best interest to speak with a trusted Texas criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to discuss your available defenses. Rick Davis is a seasoned attorney who will work tirelessly to help you obtain a successful result. You can contact Mr. Davis at (979) 779-4357 or through the form online set up a free and confidential consultation.


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