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The Fifth Circuit denied a petition for review of the the BIA’s decision affirming the IJ’s determination that petitioner was removable because she was convicted of a drug offense. Petitioner argued that she was not removable because she was convicted for possessing a small amount of marijuana for personal use. The court held that the BIA’s interpretation of 8 U.S.C. 1227(a)(2)(B)(i)’s personal-use exception was reasonable. Applying the BIA’s circumstances-specific approach, the court held that petitioner’s conviction did not fall within the personal-use exception. In this case, substantial evidence supported the BIA’s findings that petitioner possessed 54.6 pounds of marijuana—substantially more than the personal-use exception’s 30-gram threshold.

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Sundar Pichai, an engineer who rose through Google’s ranks to become its leader three years ago, faced more than three hours of questions from the House Judiciary Committee.CreditCreditSarah Silbiger/The New York Times

WASHINGTON — Google’s chief executive, in perhaps the most public display of lawmakers’ unease with his company’s influence, was grilled on Tuesday about everything from search result bias and the data Google collects about its users to plans for a censored service in China.

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Recent rule changes in Canada regarding cannabis and alcohol could have a serious effect on U.S. travellers to Canada, as well as people who live and work there full-time. Let’s break them down.

In this Saturday, Dec. 29, 2018 photo a vendor points to a selection of cannabis strains for sale during Kushstock 6.5 festival in Adelanto Calif. (AP Photo/Richard Vogel)ASSOCIATED PRESS


You have probably heard that Canada has legalized the use of cannabis. All well and good for cannabis users, but take heed:

1) If you bring cannabis into Canada and are caught with it at the border, you can be arrested for drug trafficking and barred from Canada for life. It doesn’t matter that you may have bought the pot in a state where it is legal.

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Recently, a teenage prankster who was alleged to have thrown eggs at other motorists was charged with murder after one of his alleged targets chased him and caused an accident with a third driver who died in the accident (read the full article here).

The moral of this story is that a person can be charged with ANY crime that results from that person’s conduct, even if he did not intend the more serious harm that occurred.

Under Texas Penal Code section  6.04, the law states that:

Image result for President Donald Trump signs H.R. 2, the "Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018"
President Donald Trump signs H.R. 2, the “Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018” on Thursday, Dec. 20, 2018 in the EEOB building in Washington, D.C.
DECEMBER 26, 2018 
Lost amid last Thursday’s tumult over a partial government shutdown, the resignation of Defense Secretary James Mattis, and plunging stock prices was the authorization of an unprecedented bill that will end federal prohibition for one strain of marijuana.

It doesn’t matter where you are driving at rush hour, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself in quite a bit of traffic. Although this is something you expect at certain times of the day, it doesn’t make it any easier to remain safe.

Unfortunately, in addition to creating traffic jams and making it more difficult on everyone else on the road to reach their destinations, rush hour accidents have the potential to cause injuries and damage to vehicles.

Here are several rush hour driving safety tips to keep in mind:

One of the most common types of bicycling accidents, called a “dooring accident,” happens when a motorist or passenger opens the door of a parked car into the path of an oncoming cyclist. For obvious reasons, this situation is a recipe for disaster for the bicyclist. In fact, many bicyclists have died or suffered catastrophic and permanent injuries because a motorist or passenger negligently opened a car door into a cyclist.

The dangers of dooring accidents were not lost on the Dutch, who have been fond of bicycling — and bicycle-friendly laws and practices — for many years. In response to this problem, the Dutch created a special practice to keep bicyclists out of harm’s way. It’s called the “Dutch Reach.” As long as Americans remember to use this helpful practice, it could save countless lives and prevent numerous accidents every year.

A few tips that will help you and your family to remember the Dutch Reach

A lot of different problems and complications can happen during pregnancy and the delivery of a child. In some cases, these complications lead to permanent injuries and costly disabilities that the child and his or her parents must endure.

Two of the most common birth injuries that children may suffer from include Erb’s palsy and shoulder dystocia. In both cases, these may result in lifelong injuries due to the tearing of nerves during childbirth.

What is Erb’s palsy?

Are you in the process of creating an estate plan? Are you focusing most of your time on the best way to leave your assets behind upon your death?

While it’s important to focus on your assets and whom to name as your beneficiary (or beneficiaries), don’t lose sight of the many other things that go into creating a comprehensive estate plan.

For example, most people come to find that a financial power of attorney provides them with the peace of mind they’ve been looking for.

As a bicycle commuter, you enjoy the fact that you have more flexibility than you would if commuting by car or public transportation. This doesn’t even take into account the earth-friendly aspect or the opportunity to save money on gas and get a good amount of exercise.

However, there’s something you need to remember: You could be part of an accident with a vehicle as a bicycle commuter. If this happens, there is a good chance you’ll suffer a serious injury.

Due to the seriousness of a bicycle-car crash, you need to do whatever you can to avoid trouble. Here are a few safety tips to guide you:

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