Resident of North Texas Convicted of Conspiring to Provide Support to a Terrorist Organization

Recently, following the eighteen year anniversary of 9/11, the United States Department of Justice Office of Public Affairs issued a press release regarding the sentencing of a resident of North Texas to 240 months’ imprisonment in a federal penitentiary for conspiring to provide support to a terrorist organization overseas. The defendant’s arrest and conviction demonstrate the FBI’s continued efforts to combat terrorism domestically and abroad. If you are a Texas resident charged with conspiracy or any other crime it is in your best interest to meet with a skillful Texas criminal defense attorney to discuss your case and what defenses you may be able to set forth.

The Investigation and the Defendant’s Arrest

Reportedly, the defendant, who is 18 years old, was arrested and charged with conspiring to prove material support to LeT, a foreign terrorist organization based out of Pakistan, following an extensive investigation by the FBI. The defendant pleaded guilty as charged. Specifically, he admitted he communicated with his co-conspirator online, encouraging the co-conspirator to join  LeT and providing him with contact information of a facilitator who could help the individual travel to Pakistan to join LeT. The defendant then contacted the facilitator, who was an undercover FBI agent, to advise that he would kill the co-conspirator if he was a spy. The defendant also stated that he would recruit additional fighters for LeT, and made arrangements with the facilitator to go to Pakistan and join LeT.

The Defendant’s Sentencing

It is alleged that during the defendant’s sentencing hearing, the FBI presented evidence that the defendant’s recent acts were consistent with a pattern of ongoing behavior. For example, the defendant repeatedly posted online statements in support of violent extremism. He also made several posts threatening to harm people who opposed his extreme beliefs and searched the internet for methods of carrying out such attacks.

Further, it is reported that when the FBI searched the defendant’s home, they found an AR-15 style rifle, ammunition, and numerous knives. The defendant was sentenced to 240 months in a federal prison, which is the maximum sentence he could receive.

Allegedly, following the defendant’s sentencing hearing, the FBI Special Agent in Charge noted that the defendant was born in the United States and was an American citizen, but had been radicalized to recruit other Americans to fight for a terrorist group that commits extreme acts of violence throughout South Asia. The Special Agent went on to say that the defendant was an example of how an American citizen could be radicalized by violent rhetoric and the FBI needed to continue to be diligent in its efforts to stop terrorism.

Speak with a Trusted Criminal Defense Attorney

In some cases, it is advisable for a person charged with a crime to plead not guilty in exchange for a reduced sentence. If you are a resident of Texas charged with conspiracy or any other crime it is wise to meet with a trusted Texas criminal defense attorney regarding your options for seeking a favorable result under the circumstances. Rick Davis is a zealous attorney who will work tirelessly to help you seek a fair outcome. Mr. Davis can be contacted at (979) 779-4357 or through the form online to set up a free and confidential meeting to discuss your charges.

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