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When can one challenge a will?

For Texas family members who have concerns following the loss of a loved one, challenging a will is an important process for them to be familiar with. They may wonder though, under what circumstances they can contest a will. Most wills pass through the probate process without issue, but in some circumstances, parties, such as a spouse, may want to challenge a will.

Common mistakes in estate planning

The most common mistake people make in estate planning is not having a plan at all. Estate planning is not just for wealthy individuals with lots of assets. Almost everyone has at least some assets, such a bank account, car or home that should be the subject of an estate plan. Estate plans are crucial for resolving legal questions or disputes among family members when someone dies.

The importance of being careful when drafting a will

When Bryan, Texas residents and people in the College Station area think about what can go wrong with respect to wills, the usual think of outright will contests in which a family member or other person claims that a will is invalid either because it does not comply with the technical requirements of Texas law or, more substantively, was made by a person who for whatever reason was not legally capable of making a valid will.

Estate planning is important following a second marriage

Drafting an estate plan is important for everyone to consider; however, additional important considerations related to planning process may arise for couples that are in their second marriage. Some tips to consider for estate planning following a second marriage can be helpful. Though second marriages are increasingly common, the estate planning issues that can arise as a result of a second marriage may not be as common.

What is a will contest?

A will is an important consideration for an estate planner to make and for the family of the estate planner. It can provide peace of mind for both parties. Both estate planners and families, however, may wonder what a will contest is and how it could potential impact them down the line. A will contest generally refers to when a will is being challenged. There are several grounds upon which a will may be challenged and it is helpful to be familiar with them.

An effective estate plan provides peace of mind

An effective estate planning does not have to be complex even if the process seems to be challenging for most. There are several basic components of a successful estate plan. Distribution of property at some point is unavoidable and an effective estate plan allows estate planners to determine how their property and assets will be distributed rather than state laws determining how property is distributed without a will or other estate planning tools such as a trust.

What steps are necessary when drafting a will?

It is likely residents in Texas and elsewhere has heard of a will, but they may wonder what they do, how to make one, what happens without one and if there are different options for wills. Generally speaking, wills are legally binding documents that outline who will inherit property. They are the best option for the estate planner or party executing a will, to state their wishes for how their property should be divided. Another term for the party executing a will is the testator.

The importance of an effective estate plan in Texas

Regardless of the size of one's estate, an effective estate plan is the only method of ensuring that assets go to the heirs one intends to benefit. Without a will, Texas' intestacy statute controls the distribution of property after a person dies. An effective estate plan can ensure the wishes of the estate planner are fulfilled. There are many parts of an overall effective estate plan to consider.

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