Divorce Attorneys
in Bryan, Texas

A Bryan-College Station Child Custody Attorney and Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is often an anguishing process. Whether it is contested or uncontested, the emotions of both parties can run high, the implications can be life-changing and the effects on children can be profound.

At the Texas law firm of Rick Davis & Associates Attorneys at Law, both men and women find strong, caring, and highly skilled legal counsel and representation in divorce, child custody, and related issues.

Protecting Your Rights in Property and Debt Division

Many times, individuals are afraid of being exploited by their ex-spouses. They often fear —sometimes rightfully so — that the other party will try to take more than his or her fair share of their joint money, property or other assets, or that they will get stuck with more than a just share of their debts.

In such cases, Rick Davis is a strong advocate. He is thorough in protecting his clients' interests in property division disputes, and he tenaciously pursues the best possible results. He is also diligent in his investigation to uncover and locate assets and other information necessary for a just and right division of community property.

The Power of Mediation

Rick is a lawyer who is aggressive when necessary, but at the same time, he will not create a conflict where none exists. He has helped many clients find positive resolutions through mediation. By settling the matter outside of the courtroom, many clients achieve far better results than they would in court and avoid unnecessary costs.

"If people need a gladiator, we're up to the task. If they want a peaceful resolution, we are amenable to that also." —Rick Davis & Associates Attorneys at Law

Informing and Involving Clients

Often, people complain that their lawyers do not keep them informed about the progress of their cases. When clients come to Rick, however, he takes the time to involve them in the process. Additionally, Rick shows clients how to gather useful information themselves to prove infidelity or other misconduct, and in so doing he helps clients reduce costs.

To schedule a free initial consultation with a Bryan, Texas, divorce attorney, call Rick's office at 979-779-4357, or contact the firm online.