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Excellent Work

I would definitely recommend Rick Davis to other people. His service was excellent and he treats you like family. He is extremely kind and sincere and he truly helps in time of need. He believes in equality among human beings.

Mansour H.
College Station, TX

Exceeded Expectations. Tremendous Attorney With Great Research and Follow-Up.

Rick Davis told me my case was the toughest he'd ever had to deal with. My daughter was killed in a car wreck. There were people that provided alcohol to her, a cover-up, and others involved also. It took about three years to research and investigate everything. Rick took on twelve defendants and some of the biggest lawyers around, and we won everything. Every ruling was in our favor. It was very emotional for me, but Rick was tremendous in every way. I would recommend him to anybody.

Scott J.
Houston, TX

Excellent lawyer. Professional, Personalized Service.

His name is on the door and you get him as your lawyer, not someone grinding along trying to generate billable hours so they can be a partner some day. Knows the local legal scene; the players and their personalities. Very thorough and has a great staff working for him. I highly recommend Mr Davis!!

Scott B.
Palmyra, NY

The Epitome of Excellent Legal Representation!!

Rick Davis went above and beyond for me and worked hard for my cause. As a father fighting for the physical custody of my sons in opposition of a mother who could not be considered an unfit parent, Rick Davis was an enormous asset to my success. He was honest, fair, ethical, and very efficient. I found Rick Davis to posses a high moral caliber, an innate passion for the law, and a very strong and intense work ethic.

I have discovered that what makes a good attorney fantastic is his/her support staff. Rick Davis has a phenomenal staff of paralegals that are very knowledgeable of the law, efficient with their work, have the highest degree of organization, and are quick to respond to any questions or concerns. To economize a clients expense, Rick delegates a great deal of case work to his support staff which is at a significant lower hourly rate than his own which translates to his services not being cost prohibitive.

Ricks experience as a lawyer and presiding as an elected Judge of Brazos County Court at Law No. 2 and elected Judge of the 272nd District Court in Brazos County showed to be another huge asset to the service he provided me. He has an understanding of how things actually work with the legal and court system, how a Judge may perceive things, how to present facts effectively, and simply how to get things done.

I recommend Ricks legal services to anyone looking for excellent legal representation and a very strong and compassionate ally in their corner!

College Station, TX

Excellent Overall

Caring, smart and compassionate attorney

College Station, TX

Ranked *10 out 10* Excellent Group of Folks to Work With!

I did not know where to turn for assistance, but I was referred to Rick Davis' office by a friend. I was impressed by the professionalism Mr. Davis and his staff exhibited throughout my case. I would highly recommend Mr. Davis and his staff and would hire them again should it ever become necessary.

College Station, TX

Wouldnt Use Anyone Else

Ricks great. Theres noone else id turn to if i needed an attorny. What he did for me i could never repay. Thanks Rick!!!

Bryan, TX

Great Experience! Would Highly Recommend!

When I got arrested for DWI, I was incredibly scared and didn't know what to do. I got online and found Rick Davis and emailed his office. They got back to me very quickly, and we got started on the long process of getting through this. Rick and his team eased my stress about the impending trial and were very helpful and informative, always keeping me up to date as to what was going on every step of the way. My case ended up getting dismissed in the end and I have Rick to thank for that for giving me good advice in order to make informed decisions. I can't imagine a better outcome and I would recommend Rick Davis to anyone in a heartbeat!

Melissa T.
College Station, TX

Did a Real Good Job.

Rick Davis kept me very well informed throughout the whole process. If I had any questions, I could just ask him and he would do his best to help me out as fast as he could. Most of it was done on the phone actually, or on the internet through email, and it was all excellent.

Marshall C.
College Station, TX

Rick Davis Represented Me to the Full Extent, and I Prevailed.

Rick Davis represented me in a case. It dragged on for a long time, but when he got in the courtroom he knew what he was doing. He made the prosecutor look so bad he threw a temper tantrum in the courtroom, and then the prosecutor stormed out!

Rick Davis had his stuff together. I was scared and skeptical in the beginning. I tried to hold my ground, and I even tried to negotiate because I didn't want to miss any more work, but in the end we decided to go to trial because they didn't want anything less than putting me in jail. Rick Davis represented me to the full extent, and I prevailed.

D. Stanley

D. S.
Bedias, TX

Did a Great Job.

I absolutely recommend Rick Davis. He is really good! He handled my divorce for me, and he was just very knowledgeable, and so much more than capable. He did a great job.

Mark M.
Bryan, TX

We had a Deadline and He met it, I'm Very Thankful for it.

Rick Davis & Associates Attorneys at Law is well organized and responsive. He has an amazing ability to get things done. He is very knowledgeable and supportive. His personality is just right for the job, I was very impressed.

Wendy L.
Bryan, TX

This was a Wonderful Experience!

I used Rick Davis & Associates Attorneys at Law for a custody case over my son. I've known him for years, and he is nothing but very professional. He knows the law better than anybody else, definitely better than anyone I talked to. He is awesome and very knowledgeable, especially when you go to court, he knows exactly what questions to ask and what he's talking about. I felt very confident with him as my lawyer. I wouldn't use anyone else if I ever needed a lawyer again!

Bobby M.
Bryan, TX

So far the Experience has Been Good!

I chose Rick Davis & Associates Attorneys at Law because he seemed to be the best one with the most experience. I found out about Rick Davis on the internet and I've been using him since January. So far the experience with Rick Davis & Associates Attorneys at Law as been good!

Todd N.
Bryan, TX