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Fatigued driving can be just as bad as drunk driving

People in Bryan, Texas, and in the surrounding communities probably all know that drunk or drugged driving is a reckless, irresponsible behavior that can cause car crashes, which leave a person seriously injured. However, many people might not realize that fatigued drivers, if they are tired enough, can exhibit some of the exact same behaviors on the road as drunk or drugged drivers.

For example, a fatigued driver is more prone to missing important traffic signs and signals than are drivers who have had enough rest. While in some cases this might mean the driver just misses his or her turn and has to correct course later, if the missed traffic sign happens to be a stop or yield sign or a warning about an upcoming construction result, the end result can be a tragic accident.

Young man arrested on campus, accused of stealing a bike

Local police claim to have caught a young man taking a bicycle on the Texas A & M campus and have therefore charged him with theft. Although, the charge is a misdemeanor, it can still affect this man's personal and professional life for a long time, possibly permanently. It could also spell the loss of professional and academic opportunities.

According to police, the man removed a bike from a rack near one of the buildings on the college's campus. The bike was actually a police decoy designed to catch would-be bicycle thieves on the campus. Since the bike had a GPS system on it, police were able to track down its location after it was taken. Police says they found the man near one of the campus' dining halls and still riding the bicycle.

3 things to consider in your criminal defense if you're innocent

Police and prosecutors accuse innocent Texas citizens of crimes they didn't commit all the time. Imagine you were riding with your friend who had marijuana in his car. You could get charged with a possession offense if police find the marijuana under your seat. Or, maybe you were spending time at your brother's house when authorities broke into the residence and accused him of operating a methamphetamine laboratory.

Regardless of the circumstances of your arrest and charges, if you're innocent, there are a few things you ought to know.

You can be convicted of battery based on a person's say-so

Even if not hardened criminals in any sense, college students and average residents of Bryan and College Station may one day find themselves facing an allegation of domestic battery based on an altercation between a boyfriend or girlfriend or a spouse.

They may also have heard the common phrase that something is a matter of "he said; she said," meaning the prosecutor's case is just a matter of one person saying a domestic violence incident happened and the other person involved denying it.

Do I really need to create a complicated trust?

Many residents of Bryan, Texas, and the surrounding area have probably heard lots of different people discussing the great benefit of trusts. For one, they keep an estate out of probate when a person dies. Also, they can, if drafted correctly, help people avoid some tax-related issues.

On the flip side, though, probate is not always such a terrible thing. While it involves some time and expense, when there is no litigation involved, it can be a relatively straightforward process which some might come to appreciate as a good, fair way to make sure that an estate gets handled fairly and according to the will. It need not involve lots of court hearings and similar issues.

Even if the breath test didn't go well, we may be able to help

A previous post on this blog tried to dispel what someone Bryan and College Station think about the relative infallibility of breath tests, especially certified test taken at a local police station following an arrest for drunk driving. Simply put, a person who has blown over the legal limit of .08 should not believe the only real choice they have is to plead guilty.

Our law office has a proven record of trying DUI cases to juries and judges throughout the Brazos Valley, and many of these cases involved situations in which a person "failed" their certified breath test. We understand how serious the consequences of a DUI conviction can be, even for a first-time offender, especially for Texans who work in the transportation industry or in certain other fields, and who may wind up losing their jobs over what might have been no more than a one-time mistake.

Two doctors under investigation in sexual assault case

Although neither have been formally charged with rape or a rape-related crime, two doctors, one apparently with ties to College Station, Texas, have been implicated in what police are describing as a date rape or something similar.

The woman who reported the alleged incident, which happened a few months ago, claims the two physicians sexually assaulted her while she was unconscious and also took pictures of their actions. The woman said she was out with a group of young professionals who stopped and had drinks in a couple of places. A little before 2 a.m., she may have tried to contact an Uber ride or a cab.

Head and back injuries: The most serious car accident complaints

If you're involved in a catastrophic accident, escaping without any kind of injury means that luck is on your side. Most people involved in serious car accidents end up in the hospital with a long rap sheet of injuries.

Among the most dangerous and serious of injuries that victims suffer during a car accident are head and back injuries. If you or a loved one suffered such injuries in a collision, you are well aware of how life-altering and tragic these kinds of wounds can be.

The basics of underinsured motorist coverage

A resident of the Bryan, Texas, area who suffers injuries on the road due to a negligent driver is going to have a number of hurdles to jump through in order to get compensation for his or her medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Obviously, the victim has to get the other driver's insurance company to acknowledge responsibility and to pay all of the victim's accident-related bills and compensate for the victim's losses. However, there is extra wrinkle in the mix when the negligent driver simply does not have enough insurance to cover all of the losses.

I blew over 0.08, so do I have any options?

People in Bryan, College Station and the surrounding communities probably realize how easy it is to get behind the wheel after having what the law considers to be too much. Alcohol affects people differently, and, when one thinks about it, a Texan who is over the legal limit may only exhibit some "buzzed" behavior and may be a far cry from obviously drunk.

The problem is that, in Texas, if a person test over .08 blood alcohol content on a certified breath test, then he or she can be charged with DWI even if he or she feels fine and even if he or she "passed" some of the field sobriety tests police officers often administer during their roadside stops. Moreover, because machines do not lie in the sense people do, some may think that if they blew over .08, then their only option is to plead guilty to the ensuing charge.

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