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Texas pair accused of stealing identification documents

Two people from nearby College Station have been accused of crimes related to identity theft or stolen documents. According to police, they received a tip that the couple were rummaging through tenants' mailboxes at an apartment complex where the couple used to live. Supposedly, the pair had been asked to move out of the apartment complex relatively recently.

Police say after catching up with the two at a nearby fuel station, they somehow were able to justify a search of their personal effects, which the pair had on them at the time police confronted them. Inside, police located what they describe as stolen documents like passports and credit cards. While it appears that the two were only charged with theft of the documents, they indicated the documents could have been used as part of a fraud scheme. Police also say the couple had illegal drugs on them, so they are also facing drug charges as a result.

2 strange criminal defense tactics from legal history

Many strange things happen on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes these strange things lead to injury, death or what looks like a criminal violation. However, criminal courts, and their juries and judges, make an effort to look at each criminal as a unique situation and decide the case accordingly.

Suffice it to say, the United States legal system has litigated and reached decisions on some very unusual case-scenarios. Let's take a look at two -- and their equally unusual defenses -- from the not too distant past.

Visitation rights of Texas grandparents

As is true in other parts of the country, many grandparents in and around Bryan, Texas, are actively involved in the lives of their grandchildren. They may see their grandchildren at least more than once a week, and some may even care for and see their grandchildren daily. Sometimes, a grandparent may even be the caregiver for their grandchild, stepping in to the shoes of the child's parents to give them the food, clothing, shelter and love they need.

Although it is true that Texas, like other states, ultimately prefers that parents raise their children and thus usually will give them the final say on whether a grandparent can continue to see and have relationship with their grandchildren, there are certain grandparents' rights a Bryan resident can assert if they are involved in their grandchildren's lives but find themselves suddenly cut off.

Penalties in Texas for vandalism

With Halloween having just past, many young people in the Bryan area may now find themselves in legal trouble over what they thought was a harmless prank. Others may, to some extent, be in a worse situation since they are being accused of participating in a destructive prank when in fact they were not involved or, at worst, in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The penalties in Texas for vandalism, which the law calls "criminal mischief" are serious. At a minimum, a person who damages, destroys or even in some cases messes with another person's property is looking at a misdemeanor conviction, which goes on a person's permanent record and will mean the possibility of an arrest, fines, probation, community service and even the possibility of jail time.

Rest rules limit how long truckers can be on the road

Many truckers who travel through and around the Bryan, Texas, area are subject to regulations put forward by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, FMCSA. Some of these regulations limit the number of hours a truck driver can be on the road before stopping to take a break for a few hours, presumably so the driver can sleep.

These regulations are important because, as a previous post on this blog discussed, fatigued driving is many times us dangerous as drunk or drugged driving. When one adds in the size of a large commercial vehicle to the mix, it is fairly easy to see how an overly tired truck driver can inflict catastrophic injuries on other motorists.

Intoxication as a defense to criminal charges

As any of college student who lives around Bryan, Texas, and other people in this state can probably attest, people do stupid things when they are drunk that they would not do if they were sober. An example of this is the story which last week's blog post discussed, in which police arrested a young man who, allegedly while drunk, struck an officer's foot with his vehicle. He faces not only DUI charges but also assault charges.

Unfortunately, if someone gets drunk or drugged voluntarily, then under Texas law, he or she will be held fully responsible for any crimes to the same degree as would someone who did not have a drop to drink. This holds true even if a person did not intend to drink so much of if the alcohol, or drugs, affected him or her in an unexpected way.

College student in hot water after running over officer's leg

A freshman at Texas A & M is facing multiple criminal charges, including a felony, after he struck a police officer in the foot with his car. The police officer was trying to control traffic at the time of the incident.

According to College Station police, the incident happened after a recent home football game on the Texas A & M campus. The student allegedly disregarded a police officer's orders to head south in order to better facilitate the flow of traffic out of the stadium. Instead, the young man, who is only 19, temporarily went toward oncoming traffic. He then jerked his car back in to the correct lane, striking the officer in his foot. It is not clear whether the officer was seriously injured.

Ready to negotiate a plea deal? Here's how to do it

If your drunk driving defense lawyer is skilled and competent, the first thing he or she will help you do is to evaluate the likelihood of conviction in your case.

If the evidence against you is weak -- and there's an excellent chance of maintaining your innocence -- your defense attorney will recommend that you defend your innocence at trial. If the evidence against you is strong -- and there's a likelihood of conviction -- your defense attorney will recommend that you try to seek a plea bargain agreement.

Texas's anti-hazing laws

Being an area close to a major university, the area around Bryan and College Station has plenty of college students living in the area, particularly when school is in session. With college students come fraternities and sororities, and with those come traditions of accepting pledges and putting them through some ritual teasing commonly called hazing.

When this is done in good fun and with everyone's safety and well-being in mind, it can be just a part of the college experience. However, students who allow hazing to go too far or engage in inappropriate types of teasing that border on bullying, they may face serious consequences for violating Texas law, particularly if someone winds up getting seriously hurt.

Victims of buzzed, tired or distracted drivers can get help

As any Bryan, Texas, resident can probably gather from our previous posts on this blog, drunk, distracted or tired drivers can each leave a person seriously injured in the aftermath of a car accident. All three types of drivers exhibit similar irresponsible behavior in that they have chosen to try to operate a machine that they do not have the physical or mental capability to operate safely. Likewise, all three types of drivers can be held accountable via a personal injury lawsuit. A personal injury lawsuit may also be a victim's best means of making sure he or she is fully compensated for his or her losses.

Our law office has considerable experience representing victims of irresponsible drivers whether the driver was fatigued, buzzed, texting or just not paying attention to the road. We recognize how injuries from an accident can haunt someone from the rest of their lives, and so we recognize how important it is to make sure a victim gets full compensation for their losses up front, as it is hard to go back and seek more compensation down the road.

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