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Accused individuals have important criminal defense protections

Defense rights are extremely important for individuals accused of crimes. Individuals accused of crimes enjoy important criminal defense rights, which require authorities to follow certain procedures for the protection of those rights. Many accused offenders may be familiar with some of the criminal defense rights and protections they enjoy, including protections against unlawful searches and seizures, the right not to incriminate oneself and the right to receive counsel.

An overview of drunk driving charges

In Texas, a charge for driving while intoxicated can carry serious consequences and potentially harsh penalties. Simply being arrested for a drunk driving charge in Texas can impact the accused individual's ability to drive and the status of their driver's license. A conviction for a drunk driving charge can lead to jail time, an increase in auto insurance costs, civil surcharges and additional challenges related to employment opportunities.

Is this your second DWI arrest? You could face stiffer penalties

Is this your second or third DWI accusation in Texas? If a court convicted you of one or more DWIs in the past, you need to figure out what your potential penalties could be. Knowing the possible punishments will help you decide how to defend yourself in court.

Texas campaign aims at distracted driving

While motor vehicles are important to society and heavily relied on to get individuals to and from their destinations, automobiles come with them much responsibility and several risks. If a driver fails to uphold their duty to drive safely and is distracted, he or she could cause a serious collision. The legal process protects victims of distracted driving-related car accidents when a distracted driver harms them.

Can child support be modified post-divorce?

Life does not stay the same following a divorce, as well all know. Life changes and circumstances change as life moves on following dissolution. As a result, parents may wonder if a child support modification is available to them following divorce. Child support orders can generally be modified through the court or by agreement of the parents. In general, there are two circumstances when child support orders can be modified.

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