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Underage Drinking

Bryan Underage Drinking Attorney


Students of all ages can be drastically affected by any type of criminal charge. Many juveniles find themselves facing underage drinking, minor in possession of alcohol, or drug possession charges. If you have been accused of underage drinking or being in possession of alcohol, enlist the assistance of a dedicated defense attorney at the office of Rick Davis and Associates.

Since establishing his firm in 1996, Rick Davis has confidently handled a wide range of criminal matters, including DWI/DWI, underage drinking, minor in possession and juvenile crimes. Located in Bryan, College Station, and serving the Brazos Valley, Rick represents the rights of students from all area colleges and universities (including Texas A&M University) and high schools when dealing with juvenile matters. Contact the office or call (979) 701-2888 to schedule your free initial consultation today.


Underage drinking is a serious matter. Courts across the country are coming down harder on individuals charged with underage drinking violations. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) sets specific consequences for minors (individuals under the age of 21) who purchase, attempt to purchase, possess or consume alcoholic beverages. 

These consequences can include:

  • Class C misdemeanor charge
  • Monetary fine of up to $500
  • Required alcohol awareness class
  • Up to 40 hours of community service
  • Loss of your driver's license for up to 180 days
  • Possible denial of your driver's license if one has not yet been obtained

Underage drinking also includes minors who are allegedly intoxicated in public or misrepresent their age in order to obtain alcoholic beverages.

Minors who face additional underage drinking charges are facing larger fines, longer driver's license suspension or revocation, and possible jail time or time in a juvenile detention center.

Minor in Possession (MIP)

Most minor-in-possession cases relate to a minor who is in possession of alcohol. The central factor in a MIP case is for the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the minor was in possession, control or ownership of an alcoholic beverage. A minor may also be facing constructive possession allegations, which means that the minor was in close enough proximity to alcohol to be considered in possession of it. Constructive possession can be used in party situations where alcohol is present and even though someone may not have been drinking, they can be charged with possession if they are holding an empty beer can or are close enough to empty cups to reasonably assume they may have been drinking.

Minor in possession cases can also relate to tobacco and other drugs such as marijuana.

A conviction on an underage drinking or minor in possession charge may result in your suspension or expulsion from school. It may also affect your ability to secure a place to live, obtain funding for school and cost you your driving privileges. To prevent or minimize any punishments, it is important to get in touch with an experienced criminal defense lawyer who has experience handling cases on behalf of minors and college students.

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