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Bryan Shoplifting Attorney

Providing Aggressive Defense for Shoplifting Cases in Texas

Shoplifting is a serious criminal offense and is penalized as such in the state of Texas. If you are facing shoplifting charges, you need an experienced attorney to protect your rights and provide you with a strong legal defense. At Rick Davis & Associates, our Bryan shoplifting lawyer is here to help you navigate the complexities of the legal system and work for the best possible outcome in your case.

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What is Shoplifting?

Shoplifting is considered a common criminal offense when an individual unlawfully takes merchandise or goods from a retail store without having the intention to pay for them. This crime can take various forms, including concealing items, altering price tags, switching labels, or simply walking out of the store with stolen objects. Shoplifting is a serious offense, and if you are charged, you could face significant legal consequences.

Shoplifting is not limited to stealing items in a traditional sense. Even if you are accused of attempting to steal or have stolen goods in your possession, you can be charged with this offense. The key elements must include:

  • Theft Intent: You had the intent to take merchandise without paying for it.
  • Actual or Constructive Possession: You had either actual physical possession of the stolen items or constructive possession, meaning you had control over the items even if they weren't physically on your person.
  • Leaving the Store: You left the store premises without paying for the merchandise.

What are the Penalties for Shoplifting in Texas?

In Texas, the penalties for shoplifting can vary depending on several factors, including the value of the stolen merchandise, prior criminal history, and other case circumstances. The potential consequences may include:

  • Class C Misdemeanor: If the value of the stolen items is less than $100, you may be charged with a Class C misdemeanor, which can result in fines of up to $500.
  • Class B Misdemeanor: If the value of the stolen items is between $100 and $750, you may be charged with a Class B misdemeanor, which holds a penalty of up to 180 days in jail and fines of up to $2,000.
  • Class A Misdemeanor: If the value of the stolen items is between $750 and $2,500, you may face a Class A misdemeanor charge, which can lead to up to one year in jail and fines of up to $4,000.
  • State Jail Felony: If the value of the stolen items is between $2,500 and $30,000, you could be charged with a state jail felony, which holds a penalty of 180 days to 2 years in a state jail facility and fines reaching up to $10,000.
  • Third-Degree Felony: Stealing items worth between $30,000 and $150,000 can result in a third-degree felony charge, leading to 2 to 10 years in prison and fines reaching up to $10,000.
  • Second-Degree Felony: Shoplifting items valued at over $150,000 is a second-degree felony, which can lead to 2 to 20 years in prison and fines reaching up to $10,000.

Defenses Against Shoplifting Charges

Some common defenses against shoplifting charges include:

  • Lack of Intent: If there was no intent to steal and it was an honest mistake, we can argue that you did not commit shoplifting.
  • Mistaken Identity: We may present evidence that you were not the person who committed the alleged shoplifting.
  • Insufficient Evidence: If the prosecution lacks strong evidence, we can challenge the case based on a lack of proof.
  • Illegal Search and Seizure: If your rights were violated during the search or arrest, we can seek to have the evidence obtained unlawfully suppressed.
  • Valid Payment: If you can prove that you intended to pay for the items but were mistaken or prevented from doing so, we can use this as a defense.

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