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Might It Become Harder To Get Divorced In Texas Rick Davis Associates

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Feb. 17, 2017

The divorce process is not without its challenges. For one, there can be difficulties in getting a divorce. Certain state laws can make getting a divorce harder.

Recently, a couple of bills have been proposed here in Texas which would raise the barriers to divorce in the state.

One of the bills regards the state’s divorce waiting period. Under current state law, a divorcing couple has to wait a minimum of 60 days before receiving their divorce. The bill would increase the required waiting period for divorcing individuals who have children under 18. Specifically, it would make it so such parents would have a required divorce waiting period of 180 days.

The other bill would make a fundamental and sweeping change to divorce law in the state. It would remove the state’s no-fault ground for divorce (insupportability); making it so couples could only get fault divorces in the state.

How hard it is to get divorced in a state and what has to be shown to get a divorce can have all kinds of major impacts on divorcing individuals and divorce proceedings. So, debate on measures like the ones proposed here in Texas can touch on some very fundamental and impactful issues. One wonders what the discussion around the two above-mentioned bills will end up looking like here in Texas.

Another class of challenges a person can face in connection to a divorce are difficulties related to navigating the major issues in a divorce, like property division or issues regarding the kids. A divorcing person can have all kinds of major concerns regarding such issues, given their complexity and the significant long-term ramifications they can have. Divorcing individuals can turn to skilled divorce attorneys for assistance with addressing such concerns and the various processes and procedures in their divorce.

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