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Possession Of Marijuana Is A Crime In Texas Rick Davis Associates

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March 1, 2017

In the last decade a movement has spread across the country to allow certain medical patients to hold “marijuana cards” so that they may obtain and use cannabis products to alleviate the symptoms of their conditions. Not all jurisdictions treat medical marijuana the same way, and in Texas there is only a narrow window of permissibility for those who suffer from intractable epilepsy to use a certain, highly regulated cannabis oil. This is the only form of marijuana that is legal in the state.

Any person who is found to be in possession of marijuana may face a criminal charge. Possessing low quantities of marijuana may result in an individual being charged with a misdemeanor, while possession of large quantities of marijuana can yield felony charges. The sale of marijuana is also penalized under state law, with both misdemeanor and felony charges possible depending upon the facts and evidence applicable to particular cases.

Marijuana crimes can be punished in a variety of different ways. Possession convictions can lead criminal defendants to six-month long periods of incarceration, while marijuana sale convictions may result in periods of incarceration for years or even decades. Fines apply to many drug crime convictions as well.

Although many people view marijuana as a less harmful substance than other heavy narcotics, it is still an illegal substance in Texas. Residents who are arrested due to their alleged possession or sale of marijuana have legal rights to secure attorneys to help them prepare their defense strategies. Working with legal professionals who understand the state’s marijuana laws can give criminal defendants confidence in their arguments and preparations for trial.

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