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Four Students Accused Of Robbery In Alleged Bad Drug Deal Rick Davis Associates

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July 28, 2017

Four students at Texas A & M in nearby College Station, three men and one woman, have been arrested on suspicion that they were involved in a robbery.

According to reports, the alleged victim went to a local apartment with the plan to purchase drugs from someone, although it is not clear whether the dealer is also one of the robbery suspects. When he got there, though, a woman reportedly used pepper spray on the man. The four suspects then allegedly beat the man over the head the butt of an ax and also used a bat, causing the man to suffer head injuries. One of the suspects also supposedly pointed a rifle at the man’s head.

The man supposedly managed to get away after tossing his keys at the suspects and later hid in a parking garage, where he contacted police. Police took the man to the hospital, where he was released after receiving treatment.

Police claim that they retrieved the gun used in the crime after obtaining a warrant and searching a private residence. They also reportedly located marijuana in one of the suspect’s homes. Police located three of the four suspects in the Bryan and College Station area, while one of the suspects surrendered to authorities.

The four students are now looking at up to 99 years in prison each, which would effectively be a life sentence for each one of them. Obviously, their future at Texas A & M as students is also in jeopardy, since the college prohibits violent criminal conduct off campus. They will all need strong and vigorous criminal defense.

Source: The Eagle, “Three more arrested in connection to College Station robbery,” Rebecca Fiedler, July 14, 2017.

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