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School Coach Accused Of Sexual Impropriety With A Student Rick Davis Associates

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July 6, 2017

A young man who has been teaching and coaching in schools that are located a short distance from the Bryan metropolitan area has been arrested on allegations that he had an “improper” relationship with one of his former students.

At the time of the arrest, this teacher was a social study studies teacher and also the head coach of the women’s soccer team at a nearby school district. The school district has only noted that it is aware of the pending criminal charges against the teacher, whom the school district did not identify, and that it would be taking appropriate internal action quickly. The school district also explained that it considers personnel issues confidential but also stated the allegations did not pertain to one of its students.

It should be noted that in Texas, teachers and their students are not permitted to have sexual relationships, even if the student is otherwise of age and gives consent to the relationship. There are only very narrow exceptions to this rule that would be unlikely to apply to a relationship between a teacher and a high school student.

Still, this serious charge is probably a nightmare scenario for this teacher and coach. In addition to the possibility of jail time and fines, he also is likely looking at never being able to work in the teaching and coaching profession again.

As details are sketchy, though, it is hard to know what this teacher’s side of the story is. All that has happened to this point is that he has been arrested based on what someone has observed or said. He is still presumed innocent and has a right to a full and vigorous criminal defense.

Source: KBTX-TV, “Huntsville ISD coach arrested from improper relationship,” Hardy Meredith, July 4, 2017.

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