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Man Arrested In Texas For Prescription And Other Drug Charges Rick Davis Associates

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June 15, 2017

Drug charges are serious charges that can carry potentially stiff sentences and penalties. While this is a serious predicament to be in, those accused of such a crime should understand that they have criminal defense options afforded to them. This can allow them to fight the allegations, challenge evidence and even reduce or dismiss the charges against them.

A man was recently arrested in a Texas community approximately an hour southeast of the Bryan area for possessing greater than 100 grams of prescription drugs. According to authorities, the drugs were delivered to Texas from China. Also according to authorities, the 21-year old man purchased 102 grams of fentanyl off the internet. After picking up the package, the man was arrested. A representative from the post office noted that the man had a post office box at that location and regularly received packages there.

Authorities reported that the man fled when authorities attempted to arrest him and that he led authorities on a car chase. The man’s home was also raided. The man was arrested and charged with drug possession, possession with the intent to distribute, possessing unlawful drug paraphernalia, evading arrest, two counts of burglary and driving with a revoked license. Additional charges may be pending. The alleged fentanyl is being tested by authorities.

Prescription drug charges and other drug charges can carry potentially harsh potential penalties and consequences according to state or federal laws. It is helpful for accused individuals to be familiar with the legal charges they are facing but also with the criminal defense options available to protect them. It may be possible to challenge evidence being used against the accused individual in the form of witness statements, police reports and if any police procedures were not properly followed.

The criminal justice system provides resources to individuals facing criminal charges for them to protect their freedom and future when it is threatened by serious drug charges. Accused individuals should always be familiar with the options and protections available to them when charged.

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