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High School Student Facing Charges After Drunk Driving Accident Rick Davis Associates

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March 24, 2017

Drunk driving charges are unquestionably serious charges with the power to change an accused individual’s life forever. In a nearby community east of the Bryan area, a 17-year old Texas teenager is facing serious drunk driving-related charges.

The 17-year old high school student is facing charges of intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault and was released from jail on an $80,000 bond. Police said he was driving a flat bed truck and is accused of causing an accident with a passenger vehicle when his truck swerved into the passenger vehicle.

The accident resulted in the passenger vehicle being pushed off the road. Inside the passenger vehicle was a husband and wife in the front seat. Both of their mothers were riding in the back seat. One of the mothers, aged 84, was killed in the accident, while the other, also in her 80s, was seriously injured. The married man and woman were also taken to the hospital with serious injuries that were not expected to be life-threatening.

Based on alleged evidence at the scene of the accident, the 17-year old driver is alleged to have been drinking prior to the accident. There are a variety of laws associated with driving while intoxicated and underage drinking. The penalties and consequences associated with violating these laws can be severe.

In a situation involving criminal allegations and charges, the accused individual has the right to defend against the charges they are facing. Each defense strategy is unique and based on the circumstances and criminal charges which is why it is important for accused individuals to be familiar with their criminal defense rights and options regardless of the charges they are facing.

Source:, “Teen charged with manslaughter in Montgomery County,” March 6, 2017

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