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Texas Pair Accused Of Stealing Identification Documents Rick Davis Associates

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Nov. 16, 2017

Two people from nearby College Station have been accused of crimes related to identity theft or stolen documents. According to police, they received a tip that the couple were rummaging through tenants’ mailboxes at an apartment complex where the couple used to live. Supposedly, the pair had been asked to move out of the apartment complex relatively recently.

Police say after catching up with the two at a nearby fuel station, they somehow were able to justify a search of their personal effects, which the pair had on them at the time police confronted them. Inside, police located what they describe as stolen documents like passports and credit cards. While it appears that the two were only charged with theft of the documents, they indicated the documents could have been used as part of a fraud scheme. Police also say the couple had illegal drugs on them, so they are also facing drug charges as a result.

If anything, this case illustrates that police and prosecutors in the Bryan area will pursue crimes related to identity theft aggressively. Getting accused of identity theft, forgery or some related crime can happen for many reasons, from the reasons mentioned in this story all the way to creating or dealing in fake identification cards so minors can buy alcohol.

These sorts of charges carry serious consequences with them, including the possibility of jail time. Whether a person finds himself facing charges because of a a false accusation, improper police search or simply a misunderstanding, he or she is going to want to mount a strong criminal defense.

Source: KBTX-TV, “Police say pair found with dozens of stolen ID’s, credit cards, and passports,” Jessica Gruenling, Nov. 12, 2017.

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