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Drug Charges Can Stem From Selling Prescription Medications Rick Davis Associates

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June 6, 2018

When Texas residents suffer from a medical condition, they may be prescribed a medication to help them cope with their symptoms. While some prescription drugs are only beneficial to those patients who receive them for their medical needs, other prescriptions can be desirable to others who do not have prescriptions for them. For example, painkillers and hydrocodone-based medications are sometimes distributed illegally and are purchased by individuals who want them.

Because these drugs can be addicting and can cause harm in individuals, they can be considered controlled substances. Individuals with specific questions about which prescription drugs are controlled by state and federal law may wish to speak with criminal defense attorneys.

Selling or distributing a controlled substance without a valid prescription can form the basis of a drug crime. While doctors and pharmacies are permitted to hand these drugs out without penalty to specific individuals who are deemed in need of them, others who sell them and acquire them through illegal channels can be criminally penalized for their alleged wrongdoing.

Possession, distribution and trafficking charges can all stem from alleged illegal conduct with prescription drugs. Even though these substances are legal in some circumstances, Texas residents can end up in a difficult legal situation if they are alleged to have used or sold them in violation of the law. Preparing a defense to alleged prescription drug misconduct can be challenging and may require different strategies than a person may use to defend against drug charges based on marijuana, cocaine or methamphetamine. Consultation with criminal defense lawyers can help defendants understand drug charges and make a plan to overcome them.

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