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Man Arrested After Alleged Drunk Driving Accident In Bryan Rick Davis Associates

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May 3, 2018

Law enforcement in Texas is constantly on the lookout for drivers who might show signs of operating their vehicles under the influence. If there is an accident, they will be even more vigilant in considering the possibility that drunk driving charges are necessary. When there is an arrest for DWI, it is critical for the driver to understand his or her rights. A conviction can result in major problems in the future and having a lawyer to plan for a defense is essential.

A 26-year-old man was arrested after he was allegedly drunk when he hit three teenage males with his truck. The accident happened in the evening. According to the investigation, the three teens were trying to remove a disabled vehicle from the road. They are ages 15, 18 and 19. The 15-year-old and the 19-year-old were pushing the vehicle, and the 18-year-old was steering it. The driver of the truck hit them as they moved their vehicle. The 15-year-old was seriously injured and was said to be in critical condition with injuries that are life-threatening. The other teens were not seriously hurt. The driver of the truck was arrested for intoxication assault. He reportedly was arrested previously for DWI in 2011 and 2013.

When a person is charged with DWI in Texas, there are severe penalties, if there is a conviction. If there have been past convictions, the penalties will grow progressively worse. The driver can face a license suspension, jail, fines and other penalties.

But, the charges are just part of the problem. A conviction or convictions for DWI can cause issues with trying to get employment, be admitted to a school, or get into the military. While drunk driving charges are serious — especially if there is an accident — that does not mean that the person who was arrested forfeits the right to have a strong defense. There could be extenuating circumstances, the driver’s blood-alcohol content might have been misread, or there might be the chance for a plea bargain.

Given the circumstances of this incident with three teens being injured and the alleged drunk driver’s status as having faced these types of charges in the past, it is vital that he have a strong legal defense with experience in helping clients facing DWI. Calling a lawyer is the first thing he should do before anything else to prepare to combat the charges and avoid the life-altering penalties.

Source: KBTX, “Bryan man arrested after hitting three others while driving drunk,” Michael Oder, April 22, 2018

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