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Defending against drug offenses

Being charged with a drug offense can be scary and stressful. These charges are complex and often carry significant penalties including fines and jail time. There are various types of drug offenses including distribution offenses and possession offenses. Distribution involves the sale of drugs to others while possession merely involves having drugs under your control.

Man faces serious drug charges after police investigation

There are many different types of drug offenses that someone may be charged with. These offenses range in severity from simple drug possession to distribution or even trafficking. Most notably the differences in these types of charges come in terms of the potential penalties you could face if convicted. While drug distribution is a serious offense, and often carries mandatory minimum sentencing penalties, drug trafficking is an even more serious charge with increased penalties. The difference between distribution and trafficking often centers on the amount of drugs involved, with trafficking offenses usually involving greater quantities of drugs being offered for sale.

Protecting your right against unreasonable search and seizure

Imagine a scenario where you are driving in your car late at night. Unbeknownst to you, you have a taillight out. A police officer pulls you over for the traffic violation of having a broken taillight. Naturally you are nervous during this encounter, as most people are when stopped by police. Nevertheless, you produce your valid driver's license and vehicle registration without incident. The officer however claims that you're nervous behavior is suspicious and asks you to step out of the vehicle.

Texas pair accused of stealing identification documents

Two people from nearby College Station have been accused of crimes related to identity theft or stolen documents. According to police, they received a tip that the couple were rummaging through tenants' mailboxes at an apartment complex where the couple used to live. Supposedly, the pair had been asked to move out of the apartment complex relatively recently.

Penalties in Texas for vandalism

With Halloween having just past, many young people in the Bryan area may now find themselves in legal trouble over what they thought was a harmless prank. Others may, to some extent, be in a worse situation since they are being accused of participating in a destructive prank when in fact they were not involved or, at worst, in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Intoxication as a defense to criminal charges

As any of college student who lives around Bryan, Texas, and other people in this state can probably attest, people do stupid things when they are drunk that they would not do if they were sober. An example of this is the story which last week's blog post discussed, in which police arrested a young man who, allegedly while drunk, struck an officer's foot with his vehicle. He faces not only DUI charges but also assault charges.

Texas's anti-hazing laws

Being an area close to a major university, the area around Bryan and College Station has plenty of college students living in the area, particularly when school is in session. With college students come fraternities and sororities, and with those come traditions of accepting pledges and putting them through some ritual teasing commonly called hazing.

Young man arrested on campus, accused of stealing a bike

Local police claim to have caught a young man taking a bicycle on the Texas A & M campus and have therefore charged him with theft. Although, the charge is a misdemeanor, it can still affect this man's personal and professional life for a long time, possibly permanently. It could also spell the loss of professional and academic opportunities.

You can be convicted of battery based on a person's say-so

Even if not hardened criminals in any sense, college students and average residents of Bryan and College Station may one day find themselves facing an allegation of domestic battery based on an altercation between a boyfriend or girlfriend or a spouse.

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