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I was charged with a DWI, how long will I lose my license for?

People depend on driving for everything from their livelihood to their day-to-day activities. The ability to drive is crucial to most of our everyday lives. That is why when you are facing charges for drunk driving, a major concern is how long will I lose my license?

Must one take a field sobriety test if they are pulled over?

It has become so routine for police to conduct field sobriety tests after they pull someone over on suspicion of drunk or drugged driving, that these tests have become part of our common culture. Many Texans are probably at least somewhat familiar with the various types of maneuvers the police will put drivers through, such as making them stand on one leg and say the alphabet or walk in a straight line.

Even if the breath test didn't go well, we may be able to help

A previous post on this blog tried to dispel what someone Bryan and College Station think about the relative infallibility of breath tests, especially certified test taken at a local police station following an arrest for drunk driving. Simply put, a person who has blown over the legal limit of .08 should not believe the only real choice they have is to plead guilty.

I blew over 0.08, so do I have any options?

People in Bryan, College Station and the surrounding communities probably realize how easy it is to get behind the wheel after having what the law considers to be too much. Alcohol affects people differently, and, when one thinks about it, a Texan who is over the legal limit may only exhibit some "buzzed" behavior and may be a far cry from obviously drunk.

The basics of drunk driving charges and penalties in Texas

Drunk driving charges are serious charges and can have a significant impact on the personal and professional lives of individuals accused of driving while intoxicated in Texas. For this reason, it is important to understand laws associated with drunk driving. In Texas, an individual driving with a blood alcohol content level of .08 may be charged with a DWI. In addition, it is important to understand that a driver can be considered intoxicated if either alcohol impairs them or drugs.

Field sobriety test basics and what to know about them

Blood and breath test results are commonly used as evidence against individuals accused of drunk driving. There are several different types of tests that are used to determine if a driver is driving while intoxicated. Breath and blood tests can be used to determine if the driver's blood alcohol content level is above the legal limit to drive a vehicle. Field sobriety tests are another type of test commonly used to determine if a driver is driving while intoxicated.

An overview of drunk driving charges

In Texas, a charge for driving while intoxicated can carry serious consequences and potentially harsh penalties. Simply being arrested for a drunk driving charge in Texas can impact the accused individual's ability to drive and the status of their driver's license. A conviction for a drunk driving charge can lead to jail time, an increase in auto insurance costs, civil surcharges and additional challenges related to employment opportunities.

High school student facing charges after drunk driving accident

Drunk driving charges are unquestionably serious charges with the power to change an accused individual's life forever. In a nearby community east of the Bryan area, a 17-year old Texas teenager is facing serious drunk driving-related charges.

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