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One small mistake in your past can have a devastating impact on your future. A criminal charge on your record can not only be embarrassing and harmful to your reputation, but it can negatively affect your chances of getting jobs, student loans and more.

At his law firm in Bryan, Texas, expunction attorney Rick Davis works hard to help clients expunge or seal their records, improve their standing in the community and improve their prospects with potential employers through two different methods: expunction orders and nondisclosure orders.

"I help people minimize the effect of past mistakes." —Rick Davis & Associates Attorneys at Law

How Expunctions Work

For someone who has been charged with a crime but not actually convicted or the charge was dismissed, an expunction can be a powerful tool to clear his or her name and record. When an expunction is granted, a District Court issues an order for all government agencies and departments to literally destroy their records of an offense. You can then legally deny that the offense ever happened.

Rick also has vast experience handling expunction cases that involve various kinds of juvenile crimes. He understands that minors have the rest of their lives ahead of them, so he works hard to help them purge their criminal records whenever possible.

How Nondisclosure Orders Work

Even if you are not eligible for expunction, Rick may be able to file a petition for an order of nondisclosure for you. If you have completed a deferred adjudication probation and the charge was eventually dismissed, an order of nondisclosure can seal your records from public view, and, under the law, you are then not required in any application for employment, information, or licensing to reveal that you have been the subject of any criminal proceeding related to the original charge. Some government agencies can still access the information, but it can no longer be disclosed to the public.

In these cases, a lawyer's thoroughness is essential. If your attorney does not insist that the court notify all the agencies who have copies of your records, one might be missed and your reputation will still be in danger. Rick, however, has the attention to detail and skill to make sure every agency — from the sheriff's department to the Department of Public Safety — is properly notified.

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