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More About Head And Back Injuries

Blogs from August, 2017


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Aug. 16, 2017

If you’re involved in a catastrophic accident, escaping without any kind of injury means that luck is on your side. Most people involved in serious car accidents end up in the hospital with a long rap sheet of injuries.

Among the most dangerous and serious of injuries that victims suffer during a car accident are head and back injuries. If you or a loved one suffered such injuries in a collision, you are well aware of how life-altering and tragic these kinds of wounds can be.

More about head and back injuries

Newton’s First Law says that an object will remain at rest (or in continuous motion in a straight line) unless an external force acts upon it. Essentially, this is a statement about inertia. Objects will continue in their state of motion (or rest) unless a force acts upon them to change their motion.

When it comes to head and back injuries, these happen easily during a crash due to the extreme gravitational forces involved in an auto collision. According to Newton, your head and body, moving at a high rate of speed in your vehicle, will continue on their paths until acted upon by an additional force — in other words, they will keep moving forward until they hit something inside your vehicle.

With a severe strike to the head, you could suffer cognitive problems from a brain injury. You might suffer a mild to severe concussion or a facial injury. These will require immediate medical treatment.

As for back injuries, the collision could cause your body to twist, or it may apply severe forces to your back, resulting in spinal cord damage. If the crash severs your spinal cord, you may experience paralysis of the legs, hands, arms, feet or other areas of your body. A less severe back injury could result in lifelong back pain and mobility problems.

Get medical treatment for head and back injuries immediately

The sooner you seek medical treatment for head and back injuries after a car crash the better. Medical treatment, however, could be costly and unaffordable. As such, you may also want to investigate the legal rights you have to receive compensation from the party or parties at fault for the incident.

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