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Two Doctors Under Investigation In Sexual Assault Case Rick Davis Associates

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Aug. 18, 2017

Although neither have been formally charged with rape or a rape-related crime, two doctors, one apparently with ties to College Station, Texas, have been implicated in what police are describing as a date rape or something similar.

The woman who reported the alleged incident, which happened a few months ago, claims the two physicians sexually assaulted her while she was unconscious and also took pictures of their actions. The woman said she was out with a group of young professionals who stopped and had drinks in a couple of places. A little before 2 a.m., she may have tried to contact an Uber ride or a cab.

The woman has told police that she remembered waking up in a house that was not familiar to her but was late identified as one of the doctor’s residence. She said she remembers when doctor touching her sexually with the other one telling the alleged perpetrator to stop. She said she drifted in and out of consciousness but, at one point, remembers both doctors attacking her.

While police have indicated that the investigation in to the woman’s claims is still ongoing, one of the doctors has been arrested on allegations of possessing illegal drugs, morphine and cocaine, in his home. These drugs were reportedly discovered when police executed a search warrant in connection with the woman’s claims.

Should these doctors actually face criminal charges, they will be looking not only the loss of their ability to practice medicine but also years in jail or on probation. Having to register as a sex offender is also a real possibility. Even at this early stage of the process, these men need to have a strong criminal defense strategy to make sure that their side of the story gets told accurately and that their rights are protected.

Source: Austin American-Statesman, “Two ER doctors accused in sexual assault of Austin woman,” Tony Plohetski, Aug. 11, 2017.

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