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Victims Of Buzzed Tired Or Distracted Drivers Can Get Help Rick Davis Associates

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Sept. 27, 2017

As any Bryan, Texas, resident can probably gather from our previous posts on this blog, drunk, distracted or tired drivers can each leave a person seriously injured in the aftermath of a car accident. All three types of drivers exhibit similar irresponsible behavior in that they have chosen to try to operate a machine that they do not have the physical or mental capability to operate safely. Likewise, all three types of drivers can be held accountable via a personal injury lawsuit. A personal injury lawsuit may also be a victim’s best means of making sure he or she is fully compensated for his or her losses.

Our law office has considerable experience representing victims of irresponsible drivers whether the driver was fatigued, buzzed, texting or just not paying attention to the road. We recognize how injuries from an accident can haunt someone from the rest of their lives, and so we recognize how important it is to make sure a victim gets full compensation for their losses up front, as it is hard to go back and seek more compensation down the road.

We help victims get compensation for both their mental and physical injuries, and we are of valuable assistance when it comes to getting reimbursement for medical bills and lost wages.

Our practice also emphasizes one special aspect of accidents involving drunk driving that others might not think of as often. Specifically, we are willing to hold bars and restaurants responsible under Texas law if they serve a customer who is obviously drunk more alcohol, and that person then drives away from the establishment and causes an accident down the road.

The attorney at our law office works hard to stand up for the rights of car accident victims who have been hurt through the irresponsible behavior of another driver.

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