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Fatigued Driving Can Be Just As Bad As Drunk Driving Rick Davis Associates

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Sept. 21, 2017

People in Bryan, Texas, and in the surrounding communities probably all know that drunk or drugged driving is a reckless, irresponsible behavior that can cause car crashes, which leave a person seriously injured. However, many people might not realize that fatigued drivers, if they are tired enough, can exhibit some of the exact same behaviors on the road as drunk or drugged drivers.

For example, a fatigued driver is more prone to missing important traffic signs and signals than are drivers who have had enough rest. While in some cases this might mean the driver just misses his or her turn and has to correct course later, if the missed traffic sign happens to be a stop or yield sign or a warning about an upcoming construction result, the end result can be a tragic accident.

Likewise, drivers who are too tired often have a very hard time focusing on the road or staying mentally alert enough to make quick decisions. They may even start to weave in and out of a lane, start to travel off of the rod altogether or unwittingly follow another vehicle too closely. All of these behaviors, which drunk or drugged drivers also engage in, are risky and potentially dangerous.

Fatigued driving is easily preventable as it all requires is that people get enough rest before operating a vehicle and pull over to sleep should they realize they are getting too tired to drive. Unfortunately, many people choose instead just to press on and, sadly, wind up causing a serious accident. In such cases, a Texas resident may be able to recover compensation for any injuries by filing a personal injury case against the negligent driver.

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