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Should you challenge sobriety test results?

Regardless of how you got here, now you're facing criminal charges for driving under the influence. The officer who arrested you determined that you were under the influence using either field sobriety tests or a device like a breathalyzer. If you think you're out of options to build a strong legal defense, think again — you may have more ways to defend yourself that you realize.

2 strange criminal defense tactics from legal history

Many strange things happen on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes these strange things lead to injury, death or what looks like a criminal violation. However, criminal courts, and their juries and judges, make an effort to look at each criminal as a unique situation and decide the case accordingly.

3 things to consider in your criminal defense if you're innocent

Police and prosecutors accuse innocent Texas citizens of crimes they didn't commit all the time. Imagine you were riding with your friend who had marijuana in his car. You could get charged with a possession offense if police find the marijuana under your seat. Or, maybe you were spending time at your brother's house when authorities broke into the residence and accused him of operating a methamphetamine laboratory.

Pain and suffering damages in a car accident case

Almost every injury comes with a severe amount of pain. Let's say you were hit by a negligent motorist while riding your bicycle home from work on a Wednesday afternoon. You broke your neck and several ribs, but you were fortunate to survive. It goes without saying that you will also be experiencing a great deal of pain, and you'll be suffering from it.

Is this your second DWI arrest? You could face stiffer penalties

Is this your second or third DWI accusation in Texas? If a court convicted you of one or more DWIs in the past, you need to figure out what your potential penalties could be. Knowing the possible punishments will help you decide how to defend yourself in court.

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