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According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, in 2018, there were approximately 118,653 reported cases of violent crimes statewide, of which 1,324 were murders. Murder is a serious crime in Texas that has a severe penalty. If convicted, the offender could face life without the possibility of parole, hefty fines, and other social ramifications.  Capital Murder can be punished by the death penalty.

If you are under investigation for murder or if you have been arrested and charged with a murder offense, it is important that you retain a highly-skilled and aggressive Texas criminal defense attorney immediately to build your defense strategy. That's why I am committed to offering comprehensive representation in violent crimes, manslaughter, homicide, and murder cases. As your criminal defense attorney, I will fight aggressively on your side to protect your rights, take your case to trial or help you negotiate a plea bargain, whichever is appropriate, and ensure that you get a fair hearing.

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Overview of Homicide Charges in Texas

Under Section 19.01 of the Texas Penal Code, "a person commits criminal homicide if he knowingly, intentionally, recklessly, or with criminal negligence causes the death of an individual." Criminal homicide is further classified into murder, capital murder, manslaughter, and criminally negligent homicide.


According to Texas Penal Code Section 19.02, a person commits the offense of murder if they:

  • Intentionally or knowingly cause the death of another person
  • Commit an act that is clearly dangerous to human life that causes the death of another person
  • Commit or attempts to commit a felony and in the process causes the death of an individual

Capital Murder

Texas Penal Code Section 19.03 specifies that a person commits capital murder if they intentionally or knowingly:

  • Murder a peace officer or fireman
  • Commit an act of murder while committing kidnapping, robbery, burglary, arson, or aggravated sexual assault
  • Commit an act of murder for remuneration or promise of reward
  • Murder another person while incarcerated in a penal institution
  • Murder an employee of the jail or prison while incarcerated
  • Murder a person aged ten years old or younger
  • Murder another person in retaliation for a judicial verdict

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According to Texas Penal Code Section 19.04, a person commits an offense of manslaughter if they recklessly cause the death of an individual. In manslaughter, there is no premeditation required.

Criminally Negligent Homicide

Under Texas Penal Code Section 19.05, a person commits an offense of criminally negligent homicide if they cause the death of another person by criminal negligence. For instance, causing the death of another individual through an accidental shooting or reckless driving.

What are the Possible Penalties in Texas for different types of Homicide?

The possible penalties for criminal homicide charges in Texas include:


  • Charges: First-degree felony
  • Fines: Up to $10,000
  • Jail: Between 5 and 99 years (or life) in prison

Capital Murder

  • Charges: Capital felony
  • Jail: Life in prison without parole or death penalty


  • Charges: Second-degree felony
  • Fines: Up to $10,000
  • Jail: Between 2 and 20 years

Criminally Negligent Homicide

  • Charges: State jail felony
  • Fines: Up to $10,000
  • Jail: Between 180 days and 2 years in a state jail facility

How to Defend Your Case

If the charges against an alleged offender are false or there extenuating circumstances, your attorney may present a defense of:

  • Lack of intent to commit murder
  • Sudden passion
  • Accident or misfortune
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Insanity
  • Self-defense
  • Committed in an attempt to uphold the law
  • Defense of a person in imminent danger
  • but Voluntary Intoxication is not a defense

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Defending your criminal homicide or murder charges by yourself can increase the likelihood of being assessed the maximum punishment. If convicted, you could face life imprisonment, in some cases without the possibility of parole, and substantial fines. Therefore, retaining a knowledgeable Texas criminal defense attorney immediately is important to help protect your rights and build your defense.

I have dedicated my career to providing outstanding legal services and protecting the rights of individuals accused of murder, manslaughter, or criminally negligent homicide. As your legal counsel, I will review every aspect of your case, conduct a comprehensive, private investigation, and plan the ideal defense that fits your unique situation.

As an experienced Texas criminal defense attorney, I will fight the charges against you, vigorously test and cross-examine the State's evidence, and ensure that you receive fair treatment. I will advocate aggressively on your behalf and do my best to keep you out of jail. With my experience on your side, I will do everything I can to increase your chances of achieving a positive outcome.

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