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Whether you are a father who is earnestly trying to develop a relationship with your child or a mother who needs help in the difficult process of raising a child, legally establishing paternity is an essential first step toward your goal.

Rick Davis is a lawyer who fights for the parenting rights of both fathers and mothers in the Bryan-College Station area and throughout the neighboring counties in Texas. With the ability to effectively represent either side, he is able to efficiently pursue his clients' desires and the best interests of their children.

The Importance of Establishing Paternity

In order to resolve many family law disputes, particularly those related to child custody and child support, it is vital to know who the actual father is. Some men pay thousands of dollars in child support before discovering that the child they have been supporting is not theirs.

Other men miss out on custody or visitation rights if they cannot prove that the child they love is their own. Likewise, a woman may need to establish the paternity of her baby before she can legally obligate the father to help provide support.

Know with certainty whether a child is yours or not. Contact Rick Davis & Associates Attorneys at Law, for experienced legal help.

How is Paternity Determined?

The simplest way for paternity to be legally established is for both parties to agree. When there is disagreement, however, the court may order DNA testing. In either scenario, Rick's law firm can help you understand the legal requirements involved.

Who Can File a Paternity Suit?

Although fathers and mothers are the most common parties to file paternity actions, one can also be filed by the child, the child's representative or a government agency. Additionally, a lengthy timeframe exists for filing a paternity suit, extending from conception up until the child reaches age 20.

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